Visit a bull farm in Agde

Aficionados, Frédéric and Julie Sauvan created their own herd in 2007, housing Camargue bulls. Visiting this estate will make you discover a soothing environment, as close as possible to nature, where the Sauvans will be happy to share their passion for Camargue bulls with you. Their breeding center is located in Agde, a few kilometers from the 5-star Agde campsite where you can stay during your stay.

Frédéric and Julie’s herd perfectly respects the Camargue breeding rules. Bulls are raised outdoors, extensively. The manadier uses horses to gather or separate the herds, or to move the cattle to another enclosure. Nature lovers, you will fall under the spell of this area which will amaze you for nearly 2 hours.

The aim of the herd is to have bulls ready to enter the arenas during the Camargue races. It is Frédéric Sauvan who chooses his best animals for the competitions. Moreover, these can have a successful and lasting career.

You will visit this unique place aboard a secure and towed trailer, accompanied by the herdsmen on horseback. You can admire the calves, cows and bulls that bring the herd to life. The owners will give you details about their profession on site.

They will explain to you how to breed the bulls, how the Camargue races take place, how to choose the animals which will enter the arenas, how long their career can last, why the horses are their best allies and what links they have with them ... You can also ask them any questions that come to mind. You will see the Sauvans and their herders at work as they round up or sort the animals. Sometimes they offer to do scrapings in front of your amazed eyes. You will see this spectacle in complete safety just a few meters from the herdsmen and the bulls. During this time, you will be intrigued by the flexibility and agility of the horses moving between the bulls.

It is an activity to do absolutely with family or in a group (schools, associations, day camps ...) to discover the facets of this traditional profession. The herd is open to the public. Children can go there without any problem, as there is no age limit. From 0 to 2 years old, they must be accompanied by their parents, but no specific service is dedicated to them. Children from 3 to 6 years old, for their part, will discover horses, harnessing, sorting operations, the difference between cows and bulls ... Those aged 7 to 18 will have the same opportunities and will be introduced to the traditions. Camargue as well as the method of breeding bulls. Up to 12 years old, they benefit from the child rate. In addition, the activities are adapted to disabled people (motor, visual, hearing or mental handicap) to allow them a pleasant and equally informative visit.

Remember to book to make sure you are received by this dynamic and very friendly team. Do not hesitate to contact them to arrange the date, time and prices.