Canal du Midi

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

A UNESCO world heritage site, the Canal du Midi is located near your Les Mimosas campsite. If fancy strikes you to take a ride, don’t think twice because the Canal du Midi borders the town of Portiragnes. You can also go to Sete to explore the source of the canal, and take a beautiful walk and relax.

This canal, dug in the 17th century over more than 300 kilometers to connect Garonne to the Mediterranean is punctuated by 328 structures (bridges, locks, aqueducts, tunnels, etc.). It is a gorgeous example of civil engineering. Not only is it a technical feat, it is also a beautiful area where you can enjoy walking or biking in the shade of the plane trees.

Although swimming is not allowed in the Canal du Midi, you can enjoy one of the other various activities offered. A boat ride is the most popular, as it is a unique chance to discover the canal and its history.