Canal du Midi

Because tourism is a very entertaining family activity, the Mimosas campsite suggests that you visit the famous Canal du Midi. This natural site, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located around your holiday village. If you feel like taking a short walk there, don't hesitate, because the Canal du Midi borders the town of Portiragnes. You can also go to Sète to discover the source point of the canal, and offer yourself a superb walk for a guaranteed change of scenery. Stroll along the canal along the water, on the green lane, along the towpaths, on the cycle paths, by mountain bike or by bike, you will discover multiple incredible landscapes on your way!

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean through the waters of the South

This canal, dug in the 17th century over more than 300 kilometers to link the Garonne to the Mediterranean, is punctuated by 328 structures (bridges, locks, aqueduct, tunnels, etc.). It is one of the finest examples of civil engineering. The technical prowess was however accompanied by a real aesthetic concern, composing pretty landscapes where it is pleasant to walk or cycle in the shade of the plane trees.

Even if swimming is prohibited in the Canal du Midi, you can always choose an activity among the many proposals. The barge ride is the most common, as it is a unique opportunity to discover the canal and its history. Indeed, a special guide can accompany you. For an unusual stay, you have the option of renting a hotel barge to sleep on the canal for a weekend, an unforgettable experience to complete your holiday at Les Mimosas campsite.

The banks of the Canal du Midi

Reserve an entire day to discover the rich flora and fauna of the canal. You will admire the surrounding fruit trees, plane trees and cypresses. The greenery is simply beautiful, a real feast for the eyes. The multicolored flowers contrast perfectly with the green color of the leaves of the trees and their reflections in the water. The whole offers a marvelous natural spectacle. The Canal du Midi is like an endless exotic garden.

Perfect for an excursion, you will also find areas arranged for a picnic with family or friends. You can also visit the locks or other works of art that inhabit the area. Do not forget your cameras to immortalize all these wonders.

Thanks to the towpaths that border the canal, you can also go for a bike ride along the Canal du Midi. If you are a great adventurer, maybe you will make it to the city of Toulouse. The Canal du Midi is also an ideal place for fishing. As a family, you will spend memorable moments and extraordinary vacations.