Berlingots factory in Pézenas

A gourmet getaway to the Boudet confectionery, the Pézenas berlingot factory is a must for lovers of sweets. This unique visit is not only an original way to enjoy your vacation in the south but also the opportunity to taste the colorful wonders of Boudet confectionery. The visit is completely free. This idea of ​​going out full of sweetness is sure to appeal to children. Especially since the factory is only 30 minutes from the Mimosas campsite.

Secrets of making berlingots

Confiserie Boudet is an artisanal confectionery, emblematic of Pézenas. She invites you to discover the secrets of working with hand-cooked sugar in her workshop. If thirty years ago, the production was entirely done by hand, nowadays it uses machines specially designed for making Berlingots de Pézenas. Get a front row seat to see how these delicious candies are made.

The first step will be to combine the water, sugar and glucose in a large copper pot. The mixture will be cooked at a certain temperature until it turns into a slightly runny paste. The latter is then poured onto a cast iron table. The perfume and the coloring are then added to the paste. Did you know that the berlingot only requires a small percentage of flavor to have this special taste? And yes, one of the trade secrets is the use of natural essences like mint in small doses. To cool the dough and make it more pliable, cool water is circulated around the table. It will then be worked to obtain the desired consistency. At this point, we will divide it in two, the small part called “fillet” and a large piece called “mass”. You will then watch the mass work by the threshing machine, a machine with 2 offset fingers on one side and the other which will beat the dough and allow air bubbles to penetrate. Result: the candy will be whiter, clearer and lighter. But it is not over yet, we glue the net on the bleached mass to obtain a large carton that the gas ramps under the machine will keep warm. We will stretch it by hand before passing it between the two cylinders which will give it the shape of berlingots. They are then cooled on another machine in order to detach them and will then be stored in the open air.

Artisanal confectionery in Pézenas

You will end the tour with tastings of the famous sweets, delicious when they are still lukewarm. The other treats on offer such as lollipops, nougats, caramels and dried fruits will also delight young and old alike.

You can buy small souvenirs from the factory. The berlingot factory is open from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Monday to Friday mornings, from May to September. The rest of the year, it is best to find out about the schedules in advance.