The Cirque de Mourèze, an open-air museum

On 340 hectares, the Cirque de Mourèze lets admire its gigantic rocks with strange shapes, erected like so many columns sculpted by water and time. A singular and desert place, this rocky chaos offers a surprising spectacle that one discovers as you hike between the high rocks.

Located near the majestic Lac du Salagou, the Cirque de Mourèze is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural sites in the Massif Central and the Occitanie region. A place of refuge during Prehistory, then occupied by shepherds and charcoal burners, this natural enclosure is made up of extraordinary geological formations formed by erosion over time. The Sphinx, an impressive massive column, is probably the most famous of these. On your way, you will see several other pinnacles with evocative names such as the Bear, the Shepherd, the Cerberus, the Tower of the Chicken Coop, the Tower of the Breach, the Oracle, the Guardian and the Blast Furnaces. One of the most beautiful points of view is located at the belvedere of the Courtinals park, where you will find an orientation table.

This karst region is also a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities, especially hiking. The Cirque de Mourèze has several trails and the walks are suitable for most visitors, adults and children, sportsmen and occasional walkers. From the Courtinals car park, you can complete a 7.5 km circular circuit (medium level, yellow markings, approximately 420 m of elevation). This loop offers the opportunity to see the main natural sculptures and gain height for a panoramic view of the magnificent landscapes that surround you. You will climb to the top of Mont Liausson, the highest point of the cirque which rises to 535 m above sea level. Along the way, you will find several other trails that make it possible to shorten the walk.