City of Frontignan

The road to Frontignan from the campsite Les Mimosas in Portiragnes-Plage (50 km, 45 minutes by car) alone is worth a visit. From Agde, D51 borders the Thau lagoon, flamingos and other shelter many migratory birds during their trip to Africa. After Sete, homeland of Georges Brassens, emerge the first houses of Frontignan, a charming coastal towns famous for its muscat Herault.

What to see in Frontignan?

Frontignan is a town of 22,500 inhabitants between Sète and Montpellier, which belongs to the urban community of Thau. Built on a plain wine, is surrounded by exceptional natural areas: the scrub, the mountain Gardiole, saline, pond Ingril, Thau lagoon and dunes which separates it from the Mediterranean . Divided into 11 districts, it has several ports including a marina, a fishing port and a port dedicated to the breeding of molluscs (mussel). Its location, its Mediterranean climate, sunshine and vineyards make it a popular destination throughout the year. The city has some beautiful buildings like the Church of St. Paul and the Penitents chapel that houses the museum of the city (historic monuments), the tower of the cooler and the house Poulalion. Frontignan is also a seaside resort with 5 sandy beaches monitored been that stretch for 7 kilometers away. The city houses a free museum (rue Lucien Salette) in an old chapel (White Penitents). It has interesting archaeological collections to better understand the history of the town, from prehistory to the twenty-first century.

What to do in Frontignan?

A Frontignan, you can perform many outdoor activities whatever the season. Hiking is one of the most popular activities. There are many marked trails around the ponds and salt, including 3 tours for family walks: the Aresquiers trail around the pond Ingril through the woods and saline (15.5 km, marked in green) the Twists trail that takes you through the vineyards (5.5 km, marked in blue) and the Gardiole trail for the more energetic (6 km, marked in orange). The massive Gardiole is strewn trails. Some are suitable for mountain bikes and horses. Take to the skies for beautiful views of Sète, the Thau ponds, vineyards and the Lido de Frontignan.

Frontignan If you visit in July, do not miss the water jousting tournament, one of the most anticipated events of the year (14 July).

beach, guests can of course swim, sunbathe under the Occitan sun, make your first dive or jet ski. You are more sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding or fishing? All water sports are possible in Frontignan. After so many emotions, you can sit at a table in a straw hut to restore your feet in the sand leaving your gaze lost in the horizon.

The nature lovers will enjoy visiting the ancient saline to know all the secrets of salt production, and get lost in the vineyards from which comes from the Muscat of Frontignan. You can also hop aboard a boat for a boat trip in the Gulf of Lion or a river trip on the Rhône-Sète Canal.

The town has two safe cycle tracks to go by bike in Sète and Vic-la-Gardiole. The second also connects the city center and the seaside resort (Frontignan-Plage).

Every Sunday between April and September, the Frontignan tourist office organizes local activities that combine hiking in the vineyards at the foot of the Gardiole, and tasting of Muscat.

If you visit Frontignan with young children, make sure you take them in the kingdom playful toddler Kid's Paradise. This park located close to the beach has inflatables, mini golf and many games that will delight little adventurers.