Clamouse cave

With the Demoiselles cave in Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois, the Clamouse cave in Saint-Jean-de-Fos is one of the most spectacular caves of southern France. This natural cavity known as "The Cathedral of time" is less than an hour from the campsite Les Mimosas in the Hérault gorges and close to one of the most beautiful villages in France, Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert.

More than 17 km of galleries

The Clamouse cave impresses visitors for several reasons. Its extensive underground network, one of the longest in the southern Massif Central, covers more than 17 km. Discovered in 1945 by cavers Montpellier, it has continued to surprise them as and as they advanced in the galleries. Listed in 2005 "quaint and scientific site" by the Ministry of Ecology, the Clamouse cave includes concretions of exceptional beauty. Water seeped into the rock (dolomite karst) resulted over time the formation of stalactites, stalagmites and crystallization unusual. The site consists of several galleries. The most famous, the White Corridor, is distinguished by its beautiful aragonite crystals. The most beautiful concretions visible during the visit bear mysterious names as thought-provoking as the jellyfish, the organ and the cemetery buffet.

Lighting and Spéléopark

To put training value it contains, the Clamouse cave has a low energy lighting system. This is also the first European cave open to tourists have fully equipped with LEDs.

You want to play to cavers? Put your helmet on, enter your headlamp and your belt and take a course of spéléopark: the course "Emotion" for children under 8, or "High Anxiety" course for over 12 years.


You will find there a picnic area, a nature trail, a snack bar with panoramic terrace overlooking the gorges of the Herault, a shop and a playground (cross park). A digital tool allows disabled people to take a virtual tour of the cave. The audio guides are for hearing-impaired.

Access, times and prices

From the campsite Les Mimosas, take direction Béziers, the A75 and the A750 towards Montpellier. Take exit 58 (Gignac) and continue on D4 to Saint-Jean-de-Fos. The cave of Clamouse is at the edge of Herault, after the Devil's Bridge (free parking).

The site is open every day of the year. The tour is guided and takes about 1:30. In low season, the tours start at 10:30 or 11:00 and latest depart at 14:30 or 15:30. In medium and high season (June to September), there is a start at least every hour between 10.30 and 18.00. Audio guides are available at the reception (€ 1.50).

The price of general admission to the cave Clamouse (tour) is € 11,60 for adults, € 8.80 for teens (12-18 years), 6.80 € for children from 3 to 11 (free for children under 3 years). Students and job seekers benefit from a reduced price (€ 10.10).

Rates on spéléopark: 50 € for the course High Anxiety (+ 12 years), 27 € to 32 € for the course Emotion (from 8 years). The advance booking is required for spéléopark (24 hours minimum).

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