Darkside Vias: the escape game that gives the thrills!

First dive or jet ski on the Mediterranean, hiking or mountain biking in the regional park of Haut Languedoc, rafting and canyoning in the gorges of the Herault, Trampoline Park in Lattes, Aqualand Cap d'Agde ... During your holidays by the sea in Languedoc, you will have the opportunity to live unforgettable moments and excitement with your children or friends. You want to test the limits of your temper? Immerse yourself in your dark side to the Darkside in Vias, a room escape located less than 10 km from the campsite Les Mimosas. Excitement guaranteed in this fun space open for more than 12 years.

Darkside, an original fun activity to achieve family

The room escape becomes more and more likely. The concept is simple: to be locked in a room decorated in the least surprising, find clues and solve puzzles in a deadline in order to fulfill its mission and to escape. This activity has increasingly successful in France because it allows to spend quality moments rich in emotions with friends or with her children.

Darkside Vias is undoubtedly one of the best rooms escape of Herault and Languedoc. Groups of 3 to 6 people (players are required to have more than 12 years) can select from the various missions that they choose, and the degree of difficulty. This immersive experience lasts about an hour. An intense time of reflection, investigation and testing your sense of logic. The scenarios are very well put together with many twists and turns, scenery successful with innovative mechanisms, all accompanied by an appropriate soundscape. The evolution of the game is controlled and realized safely. If necessary, players can press a button to ask the master of the game to open the doors.

Darkside Vias: In the skin of Baron Von Bronovich

At Darkside in Vias, you will be transported to Russia, a powerful family who built his fortune on the success of its industries. Baron Von Bronovich inherits the family empire, an empire strangely splashed with blood ... Mutilated bodies were found in factories, and Baron quickly becomes the prime suspect. Lack of evidence, he was released and resumed business. Its factories are reopening and mutilated corpses enigma remains. The Baron, who has a temper to freeze your veins, is patient and methodical. Nobody really knows how it identifies its prey, but its modus operandi suggests that spares no detail. As for you ? You have the misfortune to be part of a group of people kidnapped by Baron. Your hours are counted but you still have a chance to survive, because the baron always leaves an opportunity for the victims to escape death foretold. To achieve this, you must follow the rules of his macabre game and solve puzzles that will open the doors of his den. Ready to take the challenge ?


Rates Darkside Vias vary depending on the number of players: 19 € per person (6 players), 22 € per person (5 players), 24 € per person (4 players), 26 € per person (3 players). You can reserve your part by phone (06 62 13 93 10) or online at the website. Allow about 1:30 in total counting the home team and instructions.

You want to continue your momentum? After your game of escape room, challenge your children to karting in Vias!