Grande Conque beach

Cap d'Agde

About 26 minutes by car heading east from the Les Mimosas campsite, you will find the beach of the Grande Conque, a little beach at the end of the Cap d’Agde cove.

This beach is very popular with those who are looking for a little bit of tranquility to enjoy with family or as a couple. The Grand Conque beach is mostly known for its black sand, which comes from the lava flows on the shore that have been eroded by the seawater of the Mediterranean over nearly 750 million years. You can access this beach via a little staircase carved into the rock. The Deux Freres rocks are also typical of the Grande Conque and always fascinate visitors. The water is completely clear, and the topography and landscape are unique and remained preserved. You can climb a path up the cliffs that overhang the sea, and from there you can clearly see a portion of the Cap d’Agde, Saint Clair Mountain and the resort town, as well as the shoreline. This same path takes you to explore the surroundings while hugging the coast. There are barriers installed at the cliffs’ edges to avoid accidents.

Photo : Chnarlok