The Grotte des Demoiselles and its underground cathedral

The Grotte des Demoiselles is an exceptional site which dominates the Upper Hérault valley, in the heart of Languedoc Roussillon, between the Cévennes and the Mediterranean. Unmissable tourist site in the village of Saint Bauzille de Putois, it invites you on a magical journey out of time. Curious, history or geology buffs, the cave attracts thousands of people from all walks of life. It is about an hour and a half drive from our campsite. To spend an unforgettable day with family or friends, this is the idea for an outing!

It is one of the most beautiful concretion caves in France. Offering a striking spectacle, it forms a veritable underground cathedral so well that it is also nicknamed the Cathedral of the Abyss or the Cave of the Fairies, in reference to Occitan legends, calling the fairies "Demoiselles".

During a 1.5 hour guided tour, let yourself be taken on an extraordinary journey through its galleries. It is reached by the first underground tourist funicular in Europe. Inside the cave, the impressive displays of giant stalagmites and stalactites, calcite flows, organs, basins, royal mantle, sanstons de Provence, large columns and translucent draperies ... are sure to charm you. And in the heart of the immense hall of the cathedral, 52 meters high, 48 wide and 120 long, you will come across the giant stalagmite "The Virgin and Child", the symbol of the cave just as impressive by its proportions. The visits are embellished with a sound and light staging, further highlighting the beauty of this cavity shaped by nature and time. The heart of the cathedral hosts original concerts.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in the reception pavilion, where, seated on the panoramic terrace surrounded by an enchanting setting, you will contemplate the breathtaking beauty of nature. The outdoor garden is home to 160 species of Mediterranean flora. A shop and a cafeteria are also open on site to take a break and buy a small souvenir. The Grotte des Demoiselles is open to the public all year round and every day except Christmas Day, New Year's Day and during the period after the Christmas holidays until the February holidays. Find out about timetables and prices in advance. Among other things, the Grotte des Demoiselles site allows you to practice many outdoor sports such as paragliding, hang-gliding, climbing to fill your day with unforgettable memories.

Photo: Giulio nepi