We are excited to be preparing to open the campsite on Friday 12 June, under Level 2 restrictions.

We have placed hand sanitiser dispensers in our stores and soap dispensers in our toilet blocks.


Our water park is large enough for all campers to enjoy while complying with the social distancing rules governing our facilities. That is why there are no restrictions on entry or open times. For the slides, marks on the ground help campers maintain the correct distance.

And you can still enjoy the sun loungers as usual. However they will be reorganised in order to ensure sufficient space between separate families. The sun loungers will be regularly disinfected. In June, we plan to clean them after each camper. Please remember that these measures are for Level 2 restrictions and we will adapt our plan according to any changes in alert level or recommendations by the ARS (regional health agency).


Activities are planned for June..


For holiday rentals, we are in the process of implementing a disinfection process.


The restaurant has spaced out its tables to comply with official guidelines. The menus will be printed on the tables in order to minimise handling (they will also be available on the Wellcamp app) and, as our regular campers know, we also offer meal delivery to your site.


At reception and the convenience store, markings on the floor will help people maintain the correct distance.

Masks are not required within the campsite, however we strongly recommend you bring masks and we encourage you to wear them in enclosed spaces (reception and convenience store).

Nous suivrons de près les étapes du déconfinement et adapterons nos mesures en fonction. 

Tout comme vous, nous n'avons pas choisi cette situation, nous la subissons personnellement et professionnellement. 
Nous mettons tout en place pour vous accueillir dans le respect des gestes barrières pour vous permettre de profiter de vacances agréables et bien méritées.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will adapt our measures should the alert level change.

Like you, we have not chosen this situation and have been impacted both personally and professionally.

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