Lake of Salagou

Water sports activities

A holiday with your feet in the water is guaranteed at the Les Mimosas campsite. Head over to explore the Lac du Salagou, in the Herault. This lake is accessible from Sete via highway A75, 50 minutes from the Les Mimosas outdoor hotel.

The ochre soil of the hills between which the Lac de Salagou is nestled give the water a reddish tint to create, under the blue sky of the Languedoc, a view rich in color. This 750-hectare lake, created during the 1960s to irrigate the neighboring farmland and regulate the Herault’s flooding, has become a place for activities on the water and swimming.

This majestic place is one of the “Grandes Sites” of the region. You won’t be able to resist its fresh water. As soon as you touch it, you’ll want to jump right in. Don’t hesitate to cool off in this wonderful lake under the blue Languedoc sky. Surrounding the lake, you will appreciate the magnificent scenery of Salagou with its red soil dotted with greenery. You can unwind and relax in these tranquil places.