The Etang de Thau, the largest lake in Languedoc

By taking the national road 612 towards Sète, you will find the Etang de Thau. It is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a fine line of sand. With its 7,500 ha which extend at the foot of Mont St Clair de Sète, the Thau basin is the largest pond in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. In order to make your stay at Les Mimosas campsite unforgettable, do not miss this sumptuous natural site. Reserve a whole day to visit this pond, as you will have a lot to do and see on the premises.

The Etang de Thau enjoys a special reputation. Indeed, being the largest basin in the Occitania region, it has a very varied flora and fauna. Not only will you appreciate its magnificent landscape, but you will also be amazed by its ecological diversity.

This pond is full of exceptional marine species including jellyfish, algae, seahorses and various species of fish. It is also home to several birds such as egrets, flamingos, or seagulls, among others.

This famous inland sea is attracting more and more visitors. They come not only to admire its beauty, but also to discover the secrets of aquaculture. Apart from the fishing ports, the Etang de Thau also abounds in marinas such as those of Sète, Marseillan, Bouzigues and Mèze. Take the opportunity to take a boat trip.

Around the pond, you will find many sites to visit. By taking a tour of the Thau Pond Museum in Bouzigues, you will learn a little more about the culture of oysters and mussels. The fishing professions are illustrated in a very original way that will appeal to the whole family. It is also a very pleasant place to taste it. In Mèze, not far from the pond, you will visit the Dinosaur Park Museum where you will find many reproductions of these prehistoric animals. Your little toddlers will certainly be amazed.

If you want more thrills, enter the Acrobates Forest, on the Montagnac road, near the Thau lagoon. This is an adventure park offering multiple outdoor activities for the whole family. Also visit the Valmagne Abbey in Villeveyrac, one of the "exceptional sites" of Languedoc which is located near the basin. Your visit will be both a moment of discovery and a change of scenery. You will also have the opportunity to eat at the Abbey Inn. Succulent dishes await you there. Do not miss out on tasting the good artisanal ice cream from Bouline in Bouzigues to complete your visit to the Thau lagoon.

Photo: Christian Ferrer