The Mini-Golf of Vias

For minigolf enthusiasts, a short trip to Vias will allow them to practice their favorite pastime in a green and well-equipped natural setting. Accessible from the Vias campsite, it is only about fifteen minutes from the domain.

If you are a fan of Californian minigolf, and love everything that revolves around this state in the western part of America, do not hesitate to choose the La Mine course. The Mine is made up of several mini-courses that will immerse you in a particular Californian atmosphere. On your arrival, you will be greeted by Little Horse, an Indian chief, who will guide you through a beautiful river and then arrive at the village of Death Valley. You will then enter the village of Ghost Town, then pass through the village graveyard where several gangsters are buried after their defeats against Jackson, the Sheriff of Ghost Town. At the end of the route, you will end up in an old garage from the 1960s where a copy of the Ford T and another of the Ford Y are stored.

If you are more of a naturalist, a trip through the course of the Palm trees will transport you to a world where sunbathing and idleness are the key words. Upon entering, you will immediately feel the exoticism of the place. As you continue on your way, you will meet Poseidon and his Mermaid, the favorite couple of the place. A little further on, an atypical environment, thanks to a superb clearing, awaits you for a short break by the water. As you cross the bridge, you will have the opportunity to admire the corsairs that are in the basin. After this step, your trip will end at the Amphora, where you can cool off at will. There are only good things waiting for you at Vias California Mini Golf.

Like most cities around the Mediterranean, Vias is a popular tourist spot for vacationers. This magical place will ensure you, not only a more than pleasant holiday by the sea, on the sandy beaches, but also a friendly atmosphere thanks to the various activities, whether on the beach or in town. The restaurants and shops are also very interesting and typical of the region, with original specialties. For a successful holiday, therefore, do not forget to take a short getaway to Vias.