Oppidum d'Ensérune

Gallic village

The archeological site of Ensérune, set against a steep hill at 10 kilometres from Béziers, tells the story of the Mediterranean Gaul. Besides the exceptional view on the surrounding vineyards and the dried lake of Montady, the local museum shows excavations from the village that was inhabited until the Roman invasion.

If you want to explore the Oppidum d’Enserune during your holiday in the Languedoc, know that it is located 3 hours southwest of the Les Mimosas campsite by car, on the Nissan-lez-Enserune hill. It is about 304 km away if you take the A52 and A53 highways. It’s best to spend an entire day there, that way you won’t miss anything at this fascinating place full of stories and mysteries.

Listed as a National Monument and “monument historique” since March 1935, this town was occupied from the Bronze Age (approximately the 6th century B.C.E.) until the Roman conquest (1st century C.E.). Located on the top of a hill, on a rocky outcrop with a beautiful panoramic view of the plains of Beziers and Narbonne, this hill-town contains remnants of a protohistoric village. It is one of the most important Gallic villages in the Mediterranean Midi. The archeological findings here revealed that this hill-town was inhabited by the Elisyques, a civilization considered prosperous and advanced for its time.

Photo : Jochen Jahnke