Mediterranean funds

Spend unforgettable holidays by practicing the most unusual activities in the Mediterranean. Discover the Mediterranean seabed and fall under the spell of the region's hidden treasures thanks to Nico Plongée. Located in Valras Plage, you can easily access it during your stay at the 5-star campsite Valras les Mimosas. Exposed to a pleasant climate, the south of France is indeed conducive to the practice of underwater recreation such as scuba diving. This activity can be practiced on the whole coast of the Big Blue.

Scuba diving at Valras Plage

Nature lover or just curious, beginner or advanced level, scuba diving in the Mediterranean will certainly appeal to you, so that you will only think of coming back on your next vacation. With its warm and limpid water between April and October, it will surprise you with its submerged wonders.

To do this, contact Nico Plongée, a quality service provider who offers you unparalleled service. This is a CMAS, FFESSM approved center. The staff and the monitors are friendly and give you a warm welcome. These specialists train beginners in the practice of scuba diving. They introduce you to basic techniques and the handling of equipment for a secure and exceptional experience. The advice will be personalized to make you feel completely at ease. The instructors will know how to reassure you and give you confidence. For amateurs, the diving center also provides training and courses for children as well as adults (level 1 and level 2).

Course of a seabed exploration session

The Nico Plongée supervisor will let you freely choose the location of your first exploration of the underwater universe. You can opt for a simple baptism, a baptism with taking photos, a night dive, etc. Let your imagination run wild and let the instructor know what you want, who will assess the possibilities. The diving center will meet your expectations.

Nico Plongée suggests that you organize your first dive or a simple outing for experienced practitioners, departing from the beach. Expect surprising settings and an extraordinary experience. You will have the opportunity to see the magnificent shores of Languedoc, as well as the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean seabed. Despite the practice of intensive fishing, you will particularly notice this invaluable marine biodiversity in a preserved setting with sea bream, octopus, jellyfish, racasse, conger ... The landscapes are drawn by gorgonians, caves, scree, drop-offs or even posidonia meadows.

In addition, Nico Plongée can also organize sea scooter trips or treasure hunts. This activity to do with family or friends allows you to leave with the best memories. This experience will give you new sensations of freedom. In addition, you will feel intimately connected with nature and will be speechless at the splendours of the reef.