Town on the water

To explore Sete during your trip to the villages around the Les Mimosas campsite, take highway A9 towards the southwest. Sete, a lively port town, is located 45 minutes away (about 56 km) from our vacation village.

Built so that the Canal du Midi could have an outlet to the sea, the port of Sete was created in the 17th century. Nautical festivals celebrated its birth. And since then, these festivals have been an integral part of the coastal town. When you walk along the canals that criss-cross the town, you can see the colored ships used for joutes aquatiques.

Sete, also known as the “Venice of Languedoc”, is known for its typical neighborhoods crossed by canals and its location between the Mediterranean Sea and the Etang de Thau. Although the port of Sete developed quickly because of the trade of wine, wood, and sulfur, it has since become the biggest cooperage port in the world. Today, the town is mostly a beach destination for tourists although it continues to prosper in fishing and trade. Its Mediterranean climate as well as its many maritime activities make it one of the most popular port towns on the Languedoc coast.