The city of Lattes

Located between Montpellier and Palavas-les-Flots, 45 minutes drive from the campsite Les Mimosas in Herault, Lattes is a charming town of 17,000 inhabitants watered by a coastal river that originates in the Mediterranean, the Lez. From the discovery of cultural heritage for walks around the pond Méjean walk or bike round-up of all activities to do as a couple, with family or friends in Lattes.

Lattes, a quiet town built on an ancient site

When is heading south-west of Herault, we tend to, go towards Montpellier, the prefecture of 34, or to the big resorts such as Palavas-les-Flots and Grau-du King. Nestled between two major tourist attractions, the city of Lattes from mass tourism. And that's good, if you like exploring local heritage outside the box. The city was built on the site of an ancient city, Lattara, one of the largest archaeological sites in France. The site houses the Museum Henri Prades, which brings together a number of ancient objects found during the excavations, which traces the history the city.

Continue your journey through time admiring the Saint Laurent Church of Romanesque architecture, built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and historical monument. Place then to modernity during your stroll on the marina, in the modern district of Port Ariane.

The nature lovers and enthusiasts of ornithology will then head to the beaches to reach the banks of the pond of Mejean, a lake where many storks have chosen to establish their permanent residence. The town has a natural area classified Natura 2000 and four areas of ecological interest.

Activities Lattes

Hiking, especially in the natural reserve of Mejean, is the most popular activity in Lattes. The three thematic courses, which start next to the House of Nature, are dotted with picnic tables. Open your eyes to try to identify the species you come across on the way: white storks, ducks, flamingos, egrets ...

Secure bike path along the Lez is an ideal place for cycling and roller skating. It can reach the seafront and beaches of Palavas safely. The town has 11 bicycle paths that connect all districts and pass through the city center.

You are a basketball fan? Enjoy your getaway to catch a game of Basketball Lattes Montpellier Agglomeration, one of the best teams in France of women's basketball.

Visit Lattes and Montpellier in a day

Lattes is located 65 km from the campsite Les Mimosas by the A9 motorway. Some hosts decide to visit Lattes and Montpellier during the day. Since Lattes, you can take the tram (line 3) or bus (18). Public transport will take you quickly to the center of the city of Montpellier and you will avoid having to take your car.

You prefer the coast? Since Lattes, you can reach in minutes the sandy beaches of Palavas and Grau-du-Roi.