The nature reserve Orpellières

Famous for its Mediterranean climate, coastal ponds and large sandy beaches, the Languedoc coast is full of beautiful natural sites conducive to water sports and long walks. Only 20 minutes drive from the campsite 5 stars Les Mimosas, between Sérignan-Plage and Valras-Plage, the nature reserve is part of Orpellières absolutely protected areas to visit during a stay in the Hérault.

An area of ​​170 hectares managed by the Conservatoire du Littoral

The territory around the mouth of the Orb is a fragile area that is of great ecological interest. Consists essentially of a beach and a dune, it was acquired in 1980 by the Conservatoire du Littoral and became a protected area known nature reserve Orpellières. There is a little more than half a century, until World War II, the area that spans 170 hectares was dedicated to agriculture. The waters of the Orb, the coastal river that originates in the Aveyron and crosses the Hérault and flows into the Mediterranean, were used to desalinate the land to allow the cultivation of the vine. The old buildings present today in the reserve are the remains of this ancient operating.

In early 1980, an analysis of the area revealed that the dunes had to be protected. In the 1990s, development works were made in the old buildings converted into workshops. These interventions have prevented the deterioration of the subject and present the visitor its best face.

dunes and salt meadows cord contrasting backgrounds

Natura 2000 site, the administration of Orpellières is divided into two distinct parts: a dune 2.5 km long, and a wetland salt marshes. Salicornia plant is emblematic of the wetland. Very present in soils rich in sea salt, she likes the coasts and marshes. It once employed to manufacture soap, and is entering in the composition of the soda plant. Salicornia is an edible plant consumption in salads. It has properties that could make it effective as a source of biofuel.

The Béziers tourist office organizes guided tours of the nature reserve of Orpellières. If you visit the site without a guide, be careful not to leave the trails. The collection of plants is prohibited.

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