The Regional Natural Park of Haut Languedoc

Covering an area of ​​more than 300 000 hectares, the natural park of Haut Languedoc is the transition between two exceptional natural areas: the Massif Central and the Mediterranean Sea. Located at the crossroads of two climatic influences, oceanic and Mediterranean, it contains contrasting landscapes: high mountains, gorges, plains, forests, heaths, bogs, scrub, scrub, vineyards, dams .... By car, on foot, by bicycle or horse, take the time to find a peaceful or sporty pace the treasures of the regional park of Haut Languedoc during your stay at 5 star camping Les Mimosas in Herault.

Park of Haut-Languedoc: a large landscape variety

Created in 1973, the Regional Natural Park of Haut Languedoc encompasses more than 100 towns in the departments of Herault and Tarn. The curious visitor, the crossing will be surprised to see so many contrasts together in such a perimeter. It may in the same day strolling in the heart of a lush forest in the Black Mountains and into deep gorges between high mountains in the mountains of Caroux and Espinouse. He can go around majestic lakes around La Salvetat-sur-Agout, town famous for its mineral water, to afford a spa in Avène and get lost happily among the vineyards where excellent wines such as AOC faugères and minervois.

The sports activities

The regional park Haut-Languedoc is popular with hikers. The plateau Lakes is ideal for walking with family. Most tours in this region have a low altitude. They are suitable for children and casual walkers. You will find many qualified routes of difficult or very difficult in several other areas of the park, especially in Lacaune, the Orb mountains and the Black Mountains. You will find in tourist offices and the House of the Park in Saint-Pons-de-Thomières detailed records of the 28 hiking trails. The Passa Pais circuit is undoubtedly one of the finest. It is reserved for major sports because it runs through the park on 78 km. Bridge, tunnel, vertical drop, stunning views: the landscapes that await you are up efforts to provide.

The park is also a great playground for mountain bikers. It houses a hundred tracks, and paths from 100 to 1250 m, to make the route of its choice depending on its level. On the website of the park you can see the 90 mountain bike routes proposed and seek those of interest by classifying them by distance, elevation or level of difficulty.

The park is also conducive to the practice of activities to feel like climbing (Caroux Espinouse Marcou), caving and canoeing (Orb), fishing and swimming in the lake or river.

Sustainable Development Policy

Since the creation of the park, all actors involved in governance are committed to a sustainable development policy. Service providers, producers and artisans who meet the park values ​​can get the brand "Values ​​régional® Natural Park Haut-Languedoc". This award aims to encourage players to work consistently park shaped into account several criteria (including environmental). It also provides visitors with services and quality products.

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