The Theater of the Sea in Sète

You want to combine culture and views of the Mediterranean during your holidays in Herault? A 35 km from the campsite Les Mimosas, on the other side of the Lake Thau, Sète has a beautiful open-air theater in a former defensive structure overlooking the Gulf of Lion. Theater of the Sea During sunny days, many festivals are organized, to the delight of Sète and passing visitors.

Fort Saint-Pierre in the theater of the Sea

In the middle of the eighteenth century, the engineer Antoine Niquet was charged with the construction of a fort on the coast of Sète to protect the city of the English invasions. Fort Saint-Pierre, characterized by its massive appearance and hexagonal base, then was made up of seven platforms shaped amphitheaters on which rested several guns ready to fire on British ships. The monument as then converted into a barracks and hospital during the First World War. In the late 1950s, development work emerged to assign a different function: that of a cultural space in the open.

World famous in exceptional surroundings festivals

Inaugurated in 1960, the Theater of the Sea Sète hosts many festivals today, mainly in high season. Qualified magic by Laurent Voulzy, it has attracted many French and international artists such as Ben Harper. From the superior platforms transformed bleachers, spectators enjoy an idyllic view of the stage with, in the background, the reflection of the moon in the calm waters of the Mediterranean at night.

Theater of the Sea in Sète: Programming in 2019

This room open show in the hometown of Georges Brassens fascinates you? Note in the corner of your calendar the dates of the festivals to theater Sea Jean Vilar in Sète in 2019:

  • From 3 to 9 June: Festival K LIVE Sète
  • Friday, 14 June (7:30 p.m.): Festival Sete Invites 2019 (Zoufris Maracas)
  • Tuesday, 18 June (9:30 p.m.): Daniel Villanova (comedy show)
  • From 22 to 26 June: Festival When I think of Fernande
  • From June 28 to July 6: WWF WorldWide Festival Sète
  • Wednesday, 10 July (2100): Lorie (concert)
  • From 12 to 20 July: Jazz Festival in Sète
  • From 20 July to 6 August: Festival Sete Fiest'A
  • Monday, 22 July (20.00): Concert Kids United
  • From 7 to 10 August: Half Festival Demi Portion (rap, hip-hop)
  • Monday, 12 August (2100): Concert Celtic Legends
  • Tuesday, August 13 (2100): Pascal Danel and Les Stentors (concert)
  • Wednesday, 14 August (20.00): The Large Festival Road
  • From 16 to 18 July: Rock Festival Under the rocks of the beach
  • Monday, 19 August (2100): One night with Brassens
  • Tuesday, August 20 (2100): Sète is Mort de Rire (comedy festival)
  • Thursday, August 22 (2100): Corine (free concert)
  • Thursday, 29 August (20.00): Worakls Orchestra
  • Saturday, September 14 (2100): Mix Master Mike (American DJ)

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