The waterfalls and gorges of the Hérault

Each swimmer's bathing place. You've been around the pool area of ​​the campsite Les Mimosas in Portiragnes-Plage, coastal ponds and the Languedoc coast beaches? Looking for a natural and wild place to cool off? Focus on the 7 most beautiful waterfalls and gorges of the Herault.

Cascade Screw

Its horseshoe-shaped leaves no visitor indifferent. The cascade of Auger Saint-Laurent-le-Minier is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Hérault. To get there, you will pass close to the Demoiselles cave and Notre-Dame-de-Londres. These two places of interest are noted absolutely in your tour program.

Cascade Sautadet

At about 2 hours drive from the campsite (180 km), the waterfall Sautadet between Saint-Michel-d'Euzet and Saint-Gervais is a series of natural cavities in limestone. The depth of these great cauldrons is in places more than 10 meters. Be very careful if you go there, because the fast are stronger than they look from the shore. The site is exceptional but swimming is not recommended. The distance is not necessarily a problem if you make stops to go or return to visit Nîmes and / or Montpellier.

Cascade Forces

From the campsite Les Mimosas, count 1:30 drive to the village of Cazilhac and waterfall Forces (103 km, half by the highway). The site is very quiet, spacious and surrounded by rocks where you can submit your business. Enjoy your getaway to hike in the Vis Valley.

Waterfall of Eventail

This beautiful umbrella-shaped chute has an ideal location for combining in the same refreshing bath day, caving and discover the Herault heritage. The cascade of the fan is located near Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert, one of the most beautiful villages in France, and next to one of the most spectacular caves of southern France: the Clamouse cave. To get there, park your car near the small house you see the edge of the D4 road between Saint-Jean-de-Fos and Saint-Guilhem. Walk about 50 meters and you will see the waterfall from the road.

Ravin des Arcs

The Ravine of the Arcs in Notre-Dame-de-Londres is a natural cavity carved by the creek Lamalou. This site is not recommended in summer as the stream bed is dry. Good to know: take the time to visit the cave Clamouse and Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert on the outward or return.

Cascades of Herault

His name could mislead you. The waterfalls of the Hérault are not located in the 34, but between the Gard and Lozere, near Mount Aigoual, where rises the coastal river that flows into the Mediterranean after traveling 147 km from the Cevennes . The easiest starting point is the house of the Aigoual, which has parking. Take the interpretive trail and you will reach the waterfalls. After bathing, you can follow the same path without having to retrace your steps. The walk of 30 to 45 minutes is very nice, and you can make with your children.

Gorges Colombieres

After the Cevennes, focus on the natural park of Haut Languedoc, in the charming town of Colombières-sur-Orb. Here, Mother Nature has done a wonderful job. The erosion of mountains by the Arles stream resulted in the formation of gorges and waterfalls. For swimming, be sure to settle before reaching the refuge of La Fage. You will find near the gorges several hiking trails, some leading to cave dwellings.

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