The zoo and the Amazonian greenhouse Montpellier

A wooded area in Occitan close to the Mediterranean. Upscale accommodations with private terrace and kitchen. A large water park with slides and heated pool. Premium services and activities for the whole family. Water sports and boat trips in the Gulf of Lion. What more for a vacation at 5 star camping Les Mimosas in Herault? Perhaps a memorable day in a tropical garden XXL amazes adults and children: the Amazonian greenhouse Montpellier.

A sample Amazonian nearly 3000 m²

No, it is not necessary to cross the Atlantic to penetrate the Amazon. An hour drive from the campsite Les Mimosas, the Amazonian greenhouse Montpellier awaits each way in a tropical world in the south of France. This fragile ecosystem that spans nearly 3000 sqm, is home to nearly 500 animals and some 3500 plants that grow naturally in tropical zones 7.

This rainforest is part of Lunaret zoo in Montpellier. The landscaped path takes you into the mangrove and up nearly 15 m high.

Raising public awareness about the disappearance of the Amazon rainforest

The visit of the Amazonian greenhouse Montpellier has a very interesting educational vocation to educate visitors about the fragility of the Amazon forest, the green lung of the planet is disappearing at an alarming rate of 9 football fields a minute.

Free access to the zoo in Montpellier

The entrance of the Amazonian greenhouse allows free access to Lunaret Zoo. You will discover 120 species from around the world: mammals (donkey Somalia, bongos, monkeys, camels, giraffes, gazelles, cheetahs, anteaters, tapirs, sloths, lions, zebras, brown bears, vicunas), reptiles (turtles, iguanas , lizards, alligators, boas, anacondas), amphibians (frogs), birds (marabouts, emus), piranhas and impressive spiders including tarantulas.

Free 2-hour guided tours are organized in the afternoon. They allow you to learn more about the operation of the park, ecosystem conservation, lifestyle and habitat of animals encountered.

Access, times and prices

The Amazonian greenhouse is located north of Montpellier, near Castelnau-le-Lez. The price of general admission is € 6 for adults, € 3 for children (free for children under 6). Special rates are available for groups of at least 10 people and large families. Ticket price includes free access to the zoo.

The greenhouse is open every day except Monday from 9:30 to 18:30 from 1 April to 30 September 2019, from 10.00 to 18.00 in October from 10.00 to 17.00 from November to December. It has parking and a restaurant, and is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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