Top 4 caves in the Hérault

Playfulness speleologists during your stay at 5 star camping Les Mimosas in Portiragnes-Plage? After your baptism of diving in the Mediterranean, discover the most beautiful caves of the 34 located in exceptional natural settings.

Clamouse cave

Allow a full day for the visit of this natural cavity, and this for several reasons: the Clamouse cave in Saint-Jean-de-Fos is one of the most beautiful in France, it has a spéléopark made for adventurers and located near one of the most beautiful villages in France, Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert. You'll understand: a rich menu awaits you, a menu which you can add a rafting descent into the gorges of the Hérault if your adrenaline needs are still not satisfied after spéléopark.

First visit. Nicknamed "The Time of the Cathedral", the Clamouse cave is a set of galleries which follow. Each has a large number of concretions, including aragonite crystals in the White Corridor and other sculptures like the jellyfish, the cemetery and the organ very well highlighted by the system LED lighting 100% (a first in Europe). This natural cave discovered in 1945 has over 17 km of tunnels, and the work of speleologists is apparently far from over.

The tour allows you to attach caving adventure in the spéléopark that caters to adventurers of all ages from 8 years. After clearing the obstacles in stride, put your helmet and your harness to the site team and relax on the panoramic terrace overlooking the gorges of the Hérault while your children play in the playground. Before joining the camping Les Mimosas, take time to admire the Devil's Bridge and stroll in the medieval center of Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert.

Grotte des Demoiselles

The Demoiselles cave, sometimes dubbed the Fairy cave is accessible by a large funicular. This large natural cave is located in the foothills of Thaurac, north of Herault, in Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois. The lighting and landscaped paths allow to appreciate the stalactites, stalagmites and other concretions. The "Cathedral of the Abyss" and "dining room" are among the most impressive spaces in the underground gallery of more than 500 m long.

Cave of the Devèze

Call it by its other name, "Palace of Glass Spinner" and you will understand a little better the interest of this beautiful natural cave carved in dolomitic limestone in the heart of the regional park. Upon entering the cave of Devèze in Courniou, you will find seven rooms on two levels. For thousands of years, water has shaped the rock, creating aragonite flowers, lacy draperies and other wonderful concretions. The site has the distinction of hosting the first museum of caving.

Cave Labeil

Between the natural park of Haut Languedoc and the Navacelles at the foot of the Larzac plateau, the cave Labeil to Lauroux contains beautiful concretions and several mysteries. Cavers always know where the underground river that runs through it arises. Formerly, this natural cavity was used to store a flagship cheese Massif Central and the Hexagon, the famous Roquefort. The first speleologist who entered the cave in the late nineteenth century there found objects including pottery and bones that confirm its occupation during the Bronze Age and Neolithic.

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